"Timeless design, flawless craftsmanship and impeccable materials make each Hubbard piece a treasure. The combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal has enhanced our home immeasurably."

Kirsten & Andrew Pitts
Greenwich, CT


"The Hubbard Cabinetmakers designed and built a suite of office furniture including desks, file cabinets and conference tables.  The entire set has met our functional needs and enhanced the overall appearance of our office.  Fife and Crawford were terrific to work with and we look forward to the next project."

David Ferrucci
The Ferrucci Company


"When our family moved into a large 19th Century shingle-style home, we realized that our appreciation for fine period antiques to complement the character of the home - in certain cases - collided with the practicality of our family-oriented, 21st Century lifestyle.  We turned to Hubbard Cabinetmakers to fashion pieces that had all of the charm and beauty of true antiques, with the added benefit of practicality and resiliency, making us comfortable that these pieces would pass intact to our children and then to theirs.  The Hubbard Cabinetmakers' obsession with quality and the detail of their craftsmanship, as well as its extension to customer service, was so rewarding that we keep returning to the well."

Thomas C. Wyckoff
Manchester, MA


"Our Hubbard bed is the pride of our new home. Shortly after we were married, my husband and I bought a small house in N. Baltimore that was built in 1912. To honor the occasion, we decorated our new bedroom with a custom queen bed in tiger maple from the Hubbard cabinet shop. The Hubbards worked with us to design a low-slung, sturdy, yet elegant bed with a prominent headboard and a distinctive wood-grain and stain. The shimmering, striped tiger maple rails, posts and headboard are gorgeous. The bed is an immediate heirloom that we know will last well beyond our years."

Katherine Brawley Hogan
Baltimore, MD


"We have been Hubbard furniture customers since 1994 and cherish each piece we own. Besides the fine craftsmanship and instant-heirloom quality, what we appreciate the most is the effort Fife and Crawford put into designing the furniture based on our needs, while referencing classic design. Each time we add a Hubbard piece to our home, the process of developing the custom piece is a welcome prelude to actually receiving the finished product."

Erin & David Gorden